In the interest of patients and their safety, development of drugs and new therapeutic are the results of long and complicated processes. Next to intensive research, each approach has to undergo several testing phases before it is ready for the market. This generally takes several years.

With our N2B-patch project we are still in the research phase and aim to achieve a proof-of-concept and preclinical validation by the year 2020. Once validated, the approach shall be tested first in the clinic and then on MS patients. After a successful clinical validation and admission, production and market launch can start.

We are convinced that good research results need to include the patient’s perspective and respond to their needs. That is why the voice of MS patients’ represented by the European MS Platform is included from a very early stage on in this N2B-patch project.

Please feel free to get in touch with us! Our team includes the largest association of MS patients in Europe (EMSP). EMSP is the umbrella organisation for 40 MS societies from 35 European countries, representing their interests at the European level.